Stromer Discovery Plan

Lease your Stromer ST1 speed pedelec for 1 year, including a full service package. Annual maintenance, comprehensive damage and theft insurance and breakdown cover.

Stromer ST01

Discover the Stromer ST1 and the service package

The Stromer ST1 available in:

  • 2 frame versions (Sport & Comfort) 
  • 2 colour options (light grey & dark grey)

You can view all details of the Stromer ST1 on the product page.

A maintenance package that keeps your bike in excellent condition. You can choose between:

  • Standard maintenance package (<5000km/year): includes basic maintenance with replacement of brake pads, chain and cassette.
  • XL maintenance package (>5000km/year): includes basic maintenance with replacement of brake pads, chain, cassette, tyres and disc brakes.

Other additional recovery interventions are charged for.







Price (excl. BTW)



Maintenance package

Standard maintenance

XL maintenance

A comprehensive damage and theft package ensures that your bike is covered against unpleasant surprises:

The damage insurance applies to material damage after an accident and/or incident.

The conditions of the insurance can be consulted here.

Theft insurance applies after a (attempted) theft on condition that the bike is always double locked in public spaces.

The franchise is always €25 per damage or theft case. In case of damage or theft, you can always call the JOULE switchboard at 050/89.26.89.

Breakdown on the road? No problem. Our breakdown service will take you to your final destination.

The Stromer ST1 will be delivered at your doorstep (in Belgium) or you can pick it up at a Lucien Store.


You lease the bike for a period of 1 year (including the related services). Afterwards you return the bike to Lucien. The accessories are not included in the lease and become your property after 1 year.

Of course you can! You can place the bicycle on your company premises or you can make it available to your employee via his or her salary. The latter can even be cost-neutral through a gross salary exchange. Would you like more information on how this system works? Contact us here.

Unfortunately no. The package is for professionals. Of course, the staff at the Lucien stores are ready to guide you to the Stromer that fits your size and that you can always purchase as a private individual.